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Free Class
How to Overcome a Grief Plateau
March 6th (Wed), 10am MT- Replay Available

Sad on Couch

This Free Class is for you if:

  • You have lost a loved one to suicide and you can't seem to stop thinking about it.

  • You just feel like you can't deal with grief anymore so you turn to scrolling social, binge watching Netflix, over drinking, over eating, or finding other ways to distract yourself.

  • You don't even know who you are anymore, you've lost interest in what you use to enjoy, your relationships are not the same, you don't look forward to things like you use to, and you feel like you are in a major slump.

  • You get through the day to day routines for the sake of your kids, spouse, or co-workers but on the inside you feel numb.

In this 90 minute class you will learn:

  • How to identify if you are dealing with a grief plateau.

  • How grief plateaus often show up in yourself and others.

  • The top 3 things you are probably doing without even realizing it that are sabotaging yourself.

  • The top 3 simple skills you can implement right away to overcome the plateau.

  • The reason why you don't have to accept a new normal for yourself and that moving forward is more than possible for you!

Hosted Live on Wed, March 6th, 10am Mountain Time (Replay Available)

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Meet Your Host

Amy Miller is a Certified Life Coach and Grief Educator. She survived the loss of her sister in 2017 due to suicide and felt her whole world turn upside down the moment she learned the news. Fortunately, she discovered coaching, grief education, and post traumatic growth and was able to apply what she learned to make a life she could love again. This was the inspiration to create Survived to Thrive Coaching and The Survived to Thrive Podcast, where she has helped hundreds of other survivors just like you find their way back to a life that they can truly love again.

What Clients Say

"Amy is genuinely thoughtful in her coaching. She is mindful in her approach and is a great listener. Not only has she been through her own family experiences with suicide, she personally understands the family dynamics of dealing and healing through it. If you are wondering where to go after a loved one chose suicide, Amy will be a huge help to you and those you love towards better healing."  ~ Sherry Coker

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