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Survived to Thrive Program

The Only Virtual Post Grief Coaching Program for Suicide Loss Survivors.

Tired of Just Surviving After Loss?

With the Survived to Thrive Program You Can Finally Move Forward With Hope, Peace, and Solace, Even though Your Love One Died.
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Suicide Loss Grief

The loss of a loved one by suicide can be painful, intense, overwhelming and complex. The grief that ensues does not usually follow a linear path. Furthermore, it can be extremely difficult to move in a forward direction. Guilt, regrets, and the difficulty you can have to accept the reality of loss can stop you in your tracks.

Because there is no time frame for grief, especially in suicide related death, most survivors just aim to adjust to life without their loved one. Leaving them feeling discouraged.

That is why I created the "Survived to Thrive Program"

Phase Two

There is Hope

There are so many resources available for survivors of suicide loss to help them in their grief journey. However many survivors find themselves wishing there was more. They aren't really in the trenches of grief from the trauma they have experienced anymore, but they are left struggling feeling like there has got to be something more

That is why I created the "Survived to Thrive Program"

Phase Two
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In Survived to Thrive You Will...

  • Learn how to handle the aftermath of losing a loved one to suicide in a way that honors your loved one and yourself.

  • Feel confident your best days are still ahead and to be clear on your next steps toward them.

  • Feel free to move forward without feeling so guilty about it.

  • Understand what this grief experience means for you moving forward.

  • Get clear on who you are even though your loved one died.

  • Get confident that you can handle the feelings and emotions you have about your loss.

  • Get yourself unstuck and back on track with progressing in life. (It's easier than you think.)

  • Discover what beliefs are truly holding you back.

  • Find that zest for life again, even though your loved one died.

Phase Three

What Clients Say

"Amy is genuinely thoughtful in her coaching. She is mindful in her approach and is a great listener. Not only has she been through her own family experiences with suicide, she personally understands the family dynamics of dealing and healing. If you are wondering where to go after a loved one chose suicide, Amy will be a huge help towards better healing." ~Sherry Coker

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Not Sure If This Program Is Right For You?

  • Still not sure if it's right for you? Sign up for a free consultation.

    30 min

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