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 Young Woman Contemplating

You are a great fit if...

  • If you have gone back to work, parent duty, and normal day to day activities but are just functioning at a bare minimum to just get through the day. You aren't stuck in bed all day but you don't have much motivation either.

  • You have gone through therapy but still feel stuck and unable to move forward. You need additional help but you don't know what and you aren't sure where to go from here.

  • You have been to suicide survivors support groups that served their purpose for you for a time but now you want something else.

  • You want to set yourself free from what's holding you back and create a life that you can get excited about again and regain control of your future.

You aren't quite ready if...

  • You are unable to get out of bed and complete basic hygienic tasks.

  • You are still in a treatment program or regimen with a licensed mental healthcare professional.

  • You only want to talk about your issues but aren't willing to take any action to improve them.

  • You having a hard time focusing in 20 to 30 minute increments.


One on One Coaching Session

This is designed for someone who wants to go at their own pace or wants to place an emphasis on one specific issue related to dealing with suicide loss.  Individual coaching sessions can be tailored to your specific needs and provide a more custom approach to accomplishing your goal.  


This is also for someone who has been through the first three phases of the program but would like additional ongoing one-on-one coaching to keep yourself in check. Think of it as ongoing maintenance for your brain.

Online Meeting
Free Consultation
Cat and Working


Our coaching program was designed specifically with you in mind, a survivor of suicide loss.


This program is for those looking for a safe space to understand their feelings, to learn to love themselves and others unconditionally, and to begin creating a life you can thrive in!

Social Media Group

Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter and join our free Facebook group where we connect with other survivors and have meaningful discussions on taking ourselves to the next level.  

Social Media Group
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Please join me each week on our website or your favorite podcast platform to listen to my free podcasts where we explore different topics you deal with as a survivor of suicide loss.

Frozen Field

Let's find that zest for life again!

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